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  1. Ubuntu and the others

    I started using Linux some time ago with Suse 9.1 Pro and with little steps it became the primary OS on all my computers and laptops. I got used to it my little sister and some friends started using it too and I love it. Here are some of my thoughts about the development of Ubuntu and what I don't like in the new releases. read more

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  2. Prepare for a day without X

    Some time ago I started to look more in the TTY and how can I be productive, without having a fancy Desktop environment. So today was the last missing peace in the puzzle - A browser with graphics and mouse without `Xserver `_. But let's see what are all the preparations needed to come to this last cool feature. read more

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  3. Welcome to my new blog

    Welcome to my new weblog. It was time to update my website and make some improvements to my webpresence. So why the new blog and website? Well the old website used a ready to use CMS system (something-like-framework-but-not-really)... read more

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